Pretty patterns

I'm a newsletter fan. It pops in your e-mailbox, you have a quick look and often discover the nicest opportunities. That way I came across a screen printing workshop at the Textiel Museum. Just a sunday afternoon, I probably would have filled with ironing otherwise, spent very well. Basic printing with a screen, tape and stencils. I tried to make a DNA profile-like print (genetics is one of my favourite subjects). The workshop was taught by Veronica Vaes, a good and practical teacher. I found you some diy-screen printing tutorials to try it yourself: printing with a stencil, screen made from a pantyhose or with curtain sheer.


Helmi said...

Wat goed! Ik ga meteen even naar de site van mijn ´lievelingsmuseum´.

Dymphie said...

een welbestede zondagmiddag! Dank je wel voor de linken.