Second life? Give away!

I've crocheted these hats myself. For our girls and for our cousins. All children have grown out of the hats now and they're lying in a corner of my studio. Wouldn't it be nice when another kid would have warm ears wearing one of these hats? They're in a good, almost new state. The green hat with the flower is for 1 or 2-year-olds, the other three are for children in their first year. Do you know a good recipient for one of these hats? Sent me an e-mail and it's yours. update: all hats have found a new owner


joppe said...

Ik ben meter van een meisje Quinn. de groene muts vind ik heel schattig! Maar ik kan nergens je e-mail vinden.

vlijtig said...

mijn e-mail: