Unknown Amsterdam

Once a year all authors, illustrators and designers of Ploegsma are invited to spend some time together. An interesting varied group op people that generates the best conversations. After a coffee in the Joods Historisch Museum we were guided through the Portugese Synagoge. Very impressive. The building is almost unchanged since it was built in 1676. Still only lit by candle light (I'm planning to attend a candle-light concert over there soon. Must be wonderful). The last stop was at the Corvershof. Built by a protestant charitable institution in 1721 and still in function. We had lunch in a beautiful room over there. What a lovely day it was. Thanks ladies of Ploegsma!


lichtblauwgrijs said...
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lightbluegrey said...

amsterdam voor altijd!

lightbluegrey said...

ken je trouwens deze ook?