I've been ill and in bed for over a week now. High fevers and headaches. Antibiotics are taking care of the infection, but I still feel lousy. But I got some nice surprises from unexpected corners. A fruit basket filled with biologic apples, pears and a nice card  from the mother of Neeltjes' best friend. And yesterday, delivered by her husband, I received a bottle of homemade juice from Marlies. She's a friend of a friend. Really sweet. Like the elderberry drink with honey and lemon she made. I drank a glass of it (half juice, half boiling water) right away and it felt wholesome. A similar recipe can be found over here. The healthy products as well the nice thoughts will add to my recovery I hope. Thanks ladies!


In de weer said...

Wat lief, attent en zoals je zegt hartverwarmend.
Dat draagd zeker bij aan je herstel.

yvonne said...

Didn't know you were ill, sorry to hear... Hope all those remedies will fix it soon for you ... take care...