Out of the box

Shopping is not one of my hobbies. It's tiring. I hardly ever find what I want and when I stumble upon the perfect dress it is way over budget. Shopping online is different though. There are more shops carrying the brands you like. The items are brought to your home and you can try them on in your own bedroom. Shipping costs hardly more than parking your car in the city. Above my latest online buys (a girl has to treat oneself once in a while when not feeling well) Two pair of shoes by United Nude. Some of their shoes are really strange but I love that they look beyond the standard shoe shapes and materials. The shoes on the right were on my wish list for a long time. Both pairs are second hand, but unworn. Bought them via Marktplaats and I paid very little money for these beauties.

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Yvonne said...

Hope you stay upright..hahaha
they are beautifull..