Second hand beauty

When you're only three and a half it is difficult when your little brother gets all the presents, although it's his birthday. So for Rubens' big sister Wies we'll bring something too. I recently happened to find a couple of doll beds in the thriftstore. Only 14x9 cm in size and in a lovely red color. They only needed mattresses, pillows and quilts to turn them into a nice present. Those were also made from thrifted (but unused) fabrics and ribbons. You see, you don't need much (materials cost €1,50 in total) to make something cute.


Anonymous said...

Geweldig lief en mooi! Als ik drie en een half was wilde ik ook wel zo'n kadootje!

Esther F. said...

Wat schattig! Wat een leuke vonst die twee bedjes!
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