Weekend activities

While my husband and my brother worked the earth of our parents' vegetable garden, my sister in law and the kids spent some time at our place. And good company needs good food. So I made this truly delicious Jamie Oliver mushroom soup (there was no soup left when I thought about taking pictures). And a variety on this apple braid. Actually everything, but the braiding technique, is different from the recipe. I made a simple white bread dough and filled it with feta, sundried tomatoes and basil. It looked very pretty and tasted good too. You could fill it with everything you like, as long as it is not too moist. Chocolate was what one daughter suggested. Old cheese with cumminseed said the other one.

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Trudy said...

Da's waar ook! Ik heb "vroeger" ook vaak zo'n vlechtbrood in elkaar geflanst. Dankjewel voor de inspiratie!