Augustine and Joseph Roulin

This week is art week at our daughters school. Parents were invited to get involved and, since it's my field of interest, I volunteered to set up art projects for the groups of our children. Here you see the van Gogh project for group 6 (9/10 year olds). After a short introduction on Van Gogh and colour theory, each student got a piece of a painting. Their assignment was to paint a copy of that piece, by blending their own colours. For some kids this appeared quite difficult. But they all became quite excited when the paintings were pieced together. They didn't know beforehand which paintings they were making: van Gogh's friend the postman and his wife. Both process and results were pretty amazing if I may say so.


Carla Killens said...

Wat een toffe opdracht , en wat een SUPER resultaat !

mademoiselle fresita said...

Hoi Vlijtig!

Je krijgt van mij een Liebster-award!

Kijk maar op

Yvonne said...

Kristél, c'ést vraiment magnifique
Wat een geweldig project en geweldige resultaten... heel erg mooi... bonne idee