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The year 2016 will be a special one in Den Bosch. It is then 500 years ago that painter Jeroen Bosch has died. This will be celebrated with a large exhibition of his work. Many activities are leading up to that grande finale. Last weekend we went to see 'the world of Jeroen Bosch'. A festival reviving the time of this great painter. The girls didn't want to go at first, but I persuaded them by telling that there would be birds of prey. Gave me the chance to finally have a peak into the Hieronymus Bosch art center. All his work in high quality replica's. Unfortunately there are no originals left in the city where Bosch has been born and lived all his life (most of them are in Spain). We'll have to wait till 2016.

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Yvonne said...

Bonjour, in France we met some very nice people from Germany, an artistic/restoration lady, her husband and 2 daughters they knew more about Jeroen Bosch as we did... when they heard we were from his home town they were really enthousiastic and we told everything we knew... maybe they will visit Dbs in 2016.