Paying it forward

About seven years ago an artist invited all the kids in the neighbourhood to come and make Christmas angels from waste material. We just came to live here and this activity accentuated the feeling that we had made the right decission to move to this wonderful neigbourhood. The angel we made is still in the top of our christmas tree every year. For last wednesday I organized the same thing. Our daughters both invited some friends to make recycle angels with us. A table full of paper and chips bags, onion nets, plastic containers, fabric scraps and 10 girls creating the most beautiful creatures. We started with this tutorial, but soon their fantasty took over. That's how it should go.

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In de weer said...

Het is zó leuk om die engeltjes te maken. Op onze oppasdag bracht kleindochter 'n vriendinnetje mee uit school ( ook haar had ze enthousiast gemaakt ) en het is waar, terwijl ze bezig waren kwamen ze op nieuwe ideeën. We maakten zelfs "jongensengelen" .