Less is more banana bars

Sometimes a bunch of bananas is gone in one day. The next time they all keep waiting to be eaten, until they turn brown. like this time. I googled for a banana cookie recipe and saw this one. A two ingredient recipe, with one extra ingredient to vary. Very quick and simple. The result is not crunchy, but chewy. One daughter and the husband really disliked them, the other daughter loved the cookies. And I? I'm somewhere in the middle. Didn't really like them at first, but grew to appreciate them more and more. I would add a pinch of salt next time. But then it's already a 4-ingredient recipe.

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Anonymous said...

Je kunt ze zonder schil ook invriezen en banana softserve -> google van maken, soort softijs, noten, fruit, chocola aan toevoegen. Heerlijk! Ik heb altijd ingevroren banaan in de vriezer!