Spring colours

Happy easter! Having busy days too? I'm already looking forward to some more quiet days to find time to use that beautiful leather I bought last saturday. Ever since I got this amazing bag from H, we had planned to go to the leather shop together. Saturday I picked her up at the train station and we went to DTH in Drunen, to the spring sale. And I've gladly spend far too much money in this leather paradise. Look how the leather, unintentionally, matches the colours of my latest prints! I'm already making plans to sew something nice. I also enlisted for an, also not so cheap (read very expensive), 5-day workshop in fall on how to make leather bags. Excited!

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lightbluegrey said...

Go girl! Inderdaad prachtige match -> binnenkantjes van etuitjes?
En ah, leer ik straks weer wat van jou ;)