Beau and Charly are looking for a new home

On may 12th our cat gave birth to these sweet boys (at least, I think they are boys). We were not sure whether Guusje was pregnant, since we never saw any interest for or action with a tomcat. So their arrival was pretty much a surprise since. I waited for their eyes to open, to show them to you. The girls gave the kittens (temporary) unisex names. Beau is all black with a white spot under the chin and Charly is black and white with white socks. And they are still looking for some good owners (about 7 weeks from now)! Do you know anyone looking for a new companion? Just let us know. Their mother is a very affectionate, intelligent cat, looking like a small Main Coon. We know nothing about the dad, but the fact that he's black and white and walking around our neighbourhood.

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Marisa said...

They are ADORABLE. We have 7-month-old kittens and one of them is black with white paws, too. Hope Beau and Charly find wonderful homes.