We not only went fossil hunting during the family weekend, but on monday we also payed a visit to Aachen in Germany. It's so close to the Dutch border. We'd never been there before. But mentioning Aachen, J said that it was the residence and place of death of Charlemagne. I didn't know, although I seem to be a descendant of this king of Franks. The dome he has built 1200 years ago is still intact and of an unexpected style. We were also surprised by all the golden items in the treasury next to the dome. A real surprise. We will surely go back to this city, on a less rainy day.

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Yvonne said...

Wat geweldig, te weten dat Karel de Grote een van je voorvaderen is, echt heeeel bijzonder. En idd Aken is een prachtige stad, veel (europesche) historie.