Europa Kinderhulp

This summer holiday we will have an extra child in our family for three weeks. We just heard that 8-year-old Iris from France will stay with us. Very exciting, since it's the first time we do something like this. I'd like to draw your attention to this organisation, because they're always in need for foster families, volunteers and donations. Europa Kinderhulp gives children, who need a break from their home situation, a holiday in another environment. Maybe you could make some time and room for an extra family member for 3 weeks too? This summer(be quick) or next year maybe? Give it a thought.


renee said...

gaaf dat jullie dat gaan doen....heel veel succes. Er is nu al genoeg liefde voor vele anderen, zoals je proeft in je naaisels dus dat komt helemaal goed.

Nicole -Maaksels en Meer- said...

Leuk! Vorig jaar hebben wij dit voor het eerst gedaan. Elan uit Parijs kwam 3 weken bij ons logeren. Het was heftig, mooi en gezellig. Wil je meer weten?
Groetjes van Nicole

patricia said...

Leuk hoor. Veel succes alvast.