Holiday idea

While our eldest spent her time at the Summerschool Junior of Utrecht University, I took the other two girls to the Ontdekhoek. On arrival it didn't look very spectacular, but it really appeared to be a fantastic place. A great number of diy-activities for kids and adults (as long as they don't explain things to the children): making your own spoon, booklet, photo, boats, dikes, fries (from the start), street organ music, soap, coins etc. We were there for four hours and just half way all options. A good reason to go back another time.


pieke said...

he, mijn oudste was ook bij de summerschool! In groepje paars, in welke groep zat jouw dochter?

Anonymous said...

Wat een leuke maar vooral ook leerzame ondernemingen met de 3 meiden Kristel. Grtjes C