A city a day

After nature, came culture. After staying in Sued-Tirol for over a week, we travelled a bit more south to a lovely Airbnb in Padua. On the way we stopped in Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet (we listened the audiobook of Shakespeares' story in the car), to see the famous balcony (although fake) and the arena. In Padua we had to see the Scrovegni chapel with the amazing fresco's of Giotto. The last day of our holiday we took the bus to Venice. What an amazing city! In spite of all the other tourists and endless souvenir shops, we really were amazed by the uniqueness of the place. We even experienced the gondola feeling by taking the traghetto (just a short trip, but much cheaper). And now we're home. It's good to be home. Next monday kids go to school and regularity returns. Also nice. But I'm already searching on Behomm for our next holiday-swap!

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zzoe said...

i live near Padua! do you like it?