For baby Mare

I've sewn so many doudous, that patterns aren't needed anymore. This cutie jumped right out of the box of fabric scraps. Quickly made, while attending our sick cat. All of a sudden cat Nora walked like she was drunk, barely able to stay on her feet. Pretty scary. Vet didn't know either, symptoms didn't fit to one diagnosis. But she gave the cat antibiotics and something to reduce possible swelling in the brain. With succes, because fortunately Nora is behaving almost normal again.


Nicole -Maaksels en Meer- said...

Poeh, dat lijkt me schrikken met de kat. Gelukkig lijkt het beter te gaan... sterkte en succes! Lief knuffeltje heb je gemaakt, ik kan me voorstellen dat je na de zoveelste wel snel eentje af hebt.

Helmi said...

Wat een mooie knuffel!