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Since the girls had to be in Rotterdam again for their course, we afterwards took the opportunity to visit to the 'From Bosch to Breughel' exhibition in Boijmans. We got a wonderful guided (family) tour. It was especially interesting for me to hear what the guide had to say about the works of Bosch and how he told his stories. Because these works will be part of the large Bosch exhibition in the Noordbrabants Museum next year and I will be guiding around many school children in that period. The girls liked the tour a lot. We will soon go back to Boijmans, because our eldest kept seeing things she wanted to know more about. We literally had to pull her away, which is not how it usually is (in case you thought we have very serious children that like to spend hours in every museum). But it's second time it happens in this museum. I guess the collection fits her.

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