As the twig is bent the tree is inclined

The girls were sitting, like groupies, in the first row to see Bas Haring in the Natuurhistorisch Museum in Rotterdam yesterday. A philosopher who likes to bring philosophy closer to the people. Our kids know him by listening to 'de junior beta canon'. The last one is a set of cd's about the main themes of science (nano-technology, electro-magnetism, hygiene, mobility, etc) made accessible to elementary school kids. Would make a nice Sinterklaas-gift. Our eldest listens to the cd's every night, before falling asleep. You could say she's a fan. And I must say, I also like to listen to the stories when played in the car. J. took her cd-cover to have it autographed, but unfortunately didn't dare to ask for it in the end. Despite the ladies liked the lecture and Bas a lot.

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Jacomien said...

Dank je wel voor de tip! Weer zoiets leuks, ik ben fan van je hoor. Onze oudste is 7 en keek onlangs gefascineerd naar het ruimteprogramma met André Kuipers op tv. Dus ik denk dat deze cd's (op termijn) ook goed in de smaak kunnen vallen!