On his island

No handmade Sinterklaas-presents for our girls this year. They are completely into their new, my old, iPhones that Sint brought. No handmade gift would top that. But for cousin R. I made this play-mat. The 3-year-old is still completely into his dinosaur obsession. I thought this would be a nice addition to all dinosaury things he already has. Wasn't sure though whether he would get the idea of a play-mat. I shouldn't have worried. He now lives in his new dino world. Good aspect for the parents: you can pull the mat together into a bag, with all dinosaurs in it. I was inspired by this and this example. It became an odd, but funny, combination of both 2d and 3d components, 1 meter in diameter.


lightbluegrey said...

Wat leuk!

JakDeeandKids said...

How lovely- what a great idea!