In the attic

My mother doesn't throw anything away. Lucky me. She has this huge basket with old and newer fabrics. She told me I could have it all! After a day of washing and ironing the pile on the left turned into the nicely folded pieces of fabric on the right. Now I don't have any excuse to buy new fabric for a long time.

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Hi Kristel,
Here a short note from your niece Marieke. I heard from my mom that you had a website with something like vlijt, huisvlijt etc. So it took me a little search, but I found it! Wow, great products that you make, you will be in my favourites list for sure!
Good intention not to buy fabrics anymore, when having an enormous stock. I try to do that all the time, but with all those great printed fabrics around, I cannot resist for more than a few days....
Maybe we can arrange a swap, hihi?
Regards, Marieke
PS: gefeliciteerd met je kleine meid en hoe bevalt het naar-school-gaan leven? Wij mogen in oktober....