The pictures didn't turn out very well. But the Gocco-print did. My little book-girl. This time I experimented with two colours. Gocco is fantastic! Why did I wait so long to buy one? I also decided to take my screenprinting to a higher level and enlisted for a short course in screenprinting. I want to make larger prints on fabric. I'm already working on a design. And I'm thinking of opening an Etsy-shop.


13mimosa said...

Well I love the little girl you've printed and I have always fancied a gocco too but don't have spare time to figure it out right now. I have an etsy shop, it's great fun, and if you had one I'd love a copy of that little girl for my two! Victoria

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a cute little print! i have beent hinking of getting a Gocco - it is good to hear that you have found it easy to operate. Good Luck in your Etsy venture!