Japanese joy

I didn't realise that I had addictions before starting to write this blog. But here's another one: Japanese craftbooks. They're are neatly folded in plastic when they arrive. Almost a pity to unwrap them. This time the books are about making skirts for women, cloths for girls and presents for babies.


het lieveheersbeestje said...

Prachtig hoor die japanse boekjes. Ik zie ze wel eens op het internet voorbijkomen. Echt heel stijlvol! Maar hoe kom je er aan??? Kun je ze ergens bestellen? Laat mij dat even weten alstjeblieft? Ik kan wel weer wat nieuwe ideetjes gebruiken..

Fijne week toegewenst!


Supercute! And I assume that they are readable? Good pictures with instuructions I mean? Or you have a hidden talent in reading Japanese, hihi?

billie said...

I'm beginning to love Japanese craftbooks as well. So far I have one magazine, but can't decide which one to buy next. I'm sure I'll have a collection soon!