Delft blue

Two girls were born. Brechje in Singapore and Caroline in the USA. For both of them I made a diaper-bag with delft-blue-fabric. Which is nice because we know their parents from when we were students in Delft. The packages, filled with a card and a present, are already on their way to our friends abroad. Congratulations on your miracle!


Pina said...

I really admire your work. You make everything so neat that it is so enjoyable to look at the things created (and yes, I read in one of your posts that you make such things in between other errands - I can't do anything else than congratulate you on that!).

lotta said...

I love these little sacs. The are perfect for baby girls without being to cutesy. What a nice gift for the new parents. Thank you for sharing the Dutch cities as well - It makes me want to go for a visit.

Muriel said...

I like your blog! Nog een Nederlandse in blogland.

Jeroen & Brigit de Werd said...

....... en de cadeautjes zijn aangekomen in Singapore.
Superbedankt: leuk & handig !!
Het gaf me meteen inspiratie om het quilten weer op te pakken. Brechje ligt inmiddels warm onder haar Oililly-quiltje. Het kan soms frisjes zijn in de airco.
Het is hier een knutselparadijs.
Heb inmiddels kg's stofjes ingeslagen en vele projectjes in mijn hoofd.
Ga er snel een start mee maken voordat we definitief terugkeren naar NL.
Tot dan !