Dutch twist

I've been tagged by Lisette to do a random meme with a dutch twist! It was not easy to choose a theme since there were some dutch people before me. I decided to show the dutch cities I lived in (or close to) with something I love about it. Here they are:
's-Hertogenbosch is the city where I was born. A city from the 12th century with a lovely center and a beautiful cathedral. It has canals like a lot of cities in our country. But these canals run behind and under the houses instead of in front of them. A boattrip on the canals is a nice experience. In Delft I went to university. And of course it is famous for its Delft blue porcelain. I like the more modern ways the delft blue is used these days. The hague/Den Haag is not my favourite city. It has a bit of a conservative atmosphere. But an attractive feature of this city is that it lies close to the sea.

Gouda is Cheese. But did you know the cheese is not actually made in Gouda? Gouda is also famous in the Netherlands for these delicious cookies called 'stroopwafels'. I used to live on a fabulous spot there. Looking out of the window from the livingroom I saw this beautiful townhall. In Utrecht I lived in the neighbourhood 'Lombok' with small houses built in the beginning of the 20th century. Very cute houses and a dynamic neighbourhood with people from all over the world. I still miss the shops with fresh vegetables, delicious bread and snacks that were located in the main street of this neighbourhood. In Rotterdam we built our own house. It is a great city to live in. A lot of design and architecture. But I want to mention a small restaurant called 'Proef'. Lovely place to have breakfast or lunch. Everything you see is specially designed for this restaurant. The owner Marije is a fooddesigner and also has a blog. These days I live close to 's-Hertogenbosch again. The circle is round.

Now I'll tag:
Marieke from VanMarieke, Pina from Another Beautiful Day, Victoria from 13mimosa


13mimosa said...

I'll give it a shot although I have to say I know many say how easy flickr is to use, but everytime I try and actually do something with it it goes wrong. Love the link to Proef too - says there are a couple and it just looks my type of place. They also had a link to their blog and a cool exhibition that looks worth checking out.

Pina said...

You made me wish to come to Holland once again with naming so many wonderful spots. And some sweets for my sweet tooth as well! Yum!

My meme is not so interesting like yours but I gave it a try. :)

Pina said...

Oh, I really enjoyed in the meme. I haven't tried poffertjes but I would love to. My colleague at work I mentioned in my post says they are delicious. I guess you can't make them without that special pan? Do you eat them often?

lisette said...

Erg leuk geworden!! Zo leuk hoe iedereen zijn eigen draai geeft aan deze tag. Erg leuk om de stroopwafels terug te zien..