The pasta machine hasn't been used for over 5 years. But today we made our own lasagne. Our 6-year-old could handle the machine on her own. She was very proud. In the meantime our 4-year-old learned how to ride a bike. She was, of course, even more proud.


little birds fly said...

congratulations to your girls on their big accomplishments!!! Cooking, riding bikes...big things for little girls. The lasagna is making me hungry!

aracne said...

Aren't you an accomplished cook?! I never thought of making my own pasta for lasagne, and if I had I doubt that I would have taken the pain of making it.
Have you Italian blood in your veins?

Adriana said...

Wow, wat great accomplishments for your girls. Congratulations to them both. How cool to make your own pasta. Wish we had a pasta-machine

greetz, Adriana