My uncle gave a bag full of gherkins from his garden to my mother. She didn't know what to do with so many. So the gherkins came to me. Looking in my books about preserving fruit and vegetables I came up with two recipies. Sweet and sour pickles and pepper pickles. We have to wait some weeks to let them reach their full flavour.


One Flew Over said...

I ADORE gherkins...just love them. Enjoy!

Adriana said...

Oh, I just love sweet and sour gherkins. Delicious. I wouldn't be able just to look at them for a couple of weeks though. They wouldn't last that long.

greetz, Adriana

Marian said...

Oohh wat leuk, dat heb ik vroeger zoveel moeten doen, hele baby badjes vol moesten er geweckt worden.
Zoet-zuur deden we.