Shades of red

My parents just came back from Spain. They brought fantastic souvenirs for the girls. Castagnettes, flowers for their hair, palmetto's and red stoles. But they were not the only happy ones. My husband got a very good olive oil and the beautiful 'coral' ring was for me!


Marga said...

I bet your girls enjoyed the gifts! In just about a week or so, the Feria will start! Tell them that if one day they go to Sevilla, they can wear all that! I am from Sevilla but I haven't been in La Feria since I moved to Leiden in 2006; but I buy a pair of typical shoes with polka dots for my daughter every year. She loves them!
Enjoy the olive oil just on a toast, with some salt, or scrape a clove of garlic on the bread before the oil and salt :-)

noflik nifelje said...

Het lijkt wel een koraal!!

LA Love said...

Wauw, echt een supermooie ring!! Echt een eyecatcher!