Scheveningen and Rotterdam

Yesterday early in the morning we left for the beach. We have to pick the early hours because our youngest gets eczema from every suncreen we try. The girls soon made friends that brought a fishing-net. They caught shrimps and even small flatfish. Around noon we left and paid a surprise visit to our old neighbours, Hetty and her family. It's great to meet friends, that you see not very often, and still feel like it was yesterday that we met. Even the four girls, who hardly remember each other, played like neighbour kids. Thanks guys, for this wonderful afternoon and tasty dinner!


Anonymous said...

Hoi Kristel,
Bij Greenjump hebben Lavera zonnebrandcreme. Mijn nichtje is ook allergisch en kan wel tegen deze variant.

lightbluegrey said...

wij vonden het heerlijk dat jullie er waren!