A bag for my baby

She's so proud to be in group 3. It's where you learn to read and write. And get arithmetic. She already complained that they didn't use real figures (but drawings) for the first sums. Group three also has gym class in a sports hall. And for carying her shorts and shoes I have made her this bag. I decided to make it smaller during the process, that's why the bird is (unfortunately) so close to the top. Neeltje doesn't mind.


The F Girl said...

Lovely bag. And how big a girl she is already. My daughter will start group 3 this year as well. Somehow it will always be bitter-sweet, that quick growing up they do, don't you think? :)

lichtblauwgrijs said...

ha kris!
alles goed, en weer een mooie tas!
dank voor de link.