Unwilling model

No, aqua is not a bad colour. But this one is far too bright to my taste. Imagine this one on her favourite red coat. I tried to persuade her into choosing a more petrol coloured wool... without success. This Flights of Fancy scarf (I turned it into a cowl again) is quite simple. A bit similar to the last one, but with a more open structure. Same wool, same hook and amount of wool.


Anonymous said...

Prachtig! Ook helemaal mijn favoriete kleur: je dochter heeft een goede smaak! En mams die went vast wel aan wat fellere kleuren :-))

Karin - The F Girl said...

Mooi! Ik ben zelf ook van de wat gematigder kleuren, maar het staat haar wel leuk!

liat moravsky said...

i read your blog for about a year now and i realy enjoy it.
i would like to ask you a question about a different subject: i read that when celebrating birthdays, you invite only few girls - as the number of years as birthday girl. how does it works with the other girls at school? can't it cause social problems for the birthday girl from the girls that where not invited? i'd realy like to know how it works