Beautiful blogworld

From my atelier on the third floor I can see the postman arriving. I always run down the stairs to see what mail he has for us. I love to see bubble envelopes with my name on it. Often embellished with tape, stamps or stickers. From fellow bloggers most of the time. Cotton time from Jo, swap return packages or spontanuous presents. Last week two envelopes arrived. The pretty pouch was made by secret santa Saskia from Zazozip. I will pay it forward! On the right you see Ipomea seeds harvested in Italy by Sara. She also made beautiful ceramic leave studs. Fortunately I recently started wearing earrings again! Girls, you're so sweet, thank you!


zzoe said...

i'm very happy to see that my seeds arrived!!! ;-))

ZaZoZip said...

Graag gedaan ;-)