Northern dinner

Ikea is not a place we visit very often, because we're not close to any branch. But the girls get excited when we do. Not just because of the indoor playground, but it's about the meat balls. Those of Ikea are the best, according to them. And now we finally found a recipe that comes really close. We discovered it in the beautiful book 'Brunch!' of Belgian sisters Debremaeker. Yummy. We also prepared yellow string beans and Jansons frestelse, another swedish dish, to make dinner complete.


Jacqui said...

My closest IKEA is in Australia so when I get there it's a bit like a pilgramige. I haven't had the meatballs but I've heard they are very good from a variety of sources, so your daughters are not alone! I should look online and see if I can find an English recipe.

Mevrouw Pardoes said...

Receptje, Kristel? Wij hebben hier ook van die balletjes fans in huis!

Yvonne said...

Inderdaad Kristel... receptje??
Ook in jouw buurt zijn balletjesfans!!
Ook lekker met lingonberrycompote!

Sol said...

Ha! My boys go bananas over those meatballs, which are good but so so bad! I'll try to make them at home!