Red accents

Our girls gave their first concert. A christmas concert. They were very nervous, but played really well. Two duets and three christmas songs with all 18 violinists, with nice and funny guidance from their teacher. Parents and grandparents were really proud. All students were asked to wear a red accent in their clothes. And since red is not very present in their wardrobe I quickly (15 min) whipped up these poinsettia hair clips cq brooches for our daughters. I only used the basic flower of this template, in two sizes. Two large flowers, one smaller. And ironed them to get the folds. Some small beads, red and white, in the middle. That's all.


Esther F. said...

Super leuk!
Ook gefelictieerd met het muzikale succes!

Cathryn Falwell said...

What a clever and creative mommy!