The only thing I did yesterday, was sewing this hair clip pouch. The eyes of our youngest functioned apart until her last operation. But afterwards they started to co-operate fully. Except when there's hair in N's face. She doesn't wipe it away, but she looks 'around' it with one eye. Which is not desirable of course. So there are always hair clips in her hair. This is a perfect pouch for keeping those. Well, not really 'perfect'. Must be leftover migraine, my poor knowledge of french or the vague pictures, but I didn't completely understand how to put the pouch together. Made mistakes at almost every step. Some hand sewing was needed to reach this result. At least it is finished and usable.


In de weer said...

Niet perfect is ook goed.

Anonymous said...

Jou kennende zul je er vast je eigen tuto voor maken! Het ziet er heel leuk uit in ieder geval!